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Bright, shiny and new...

04 August 2015


After months of scratching heads (our own and anyone else’s who was within arms-reach) and talking to ourselves more than usual, we are very excited and more than a little proud to launch our new website today. It's been a really lovely challenge to distill everything we do to help and support our clients into something we can talk about and own and finally UNTANGLED emerged. And once it did, it made complete sense - it's what we do all of the time and we absolutely love helping businesses, teams and individuals find clarity within the tangled lives and processes most of us pick our way through each day.

Our UNTANGLING right now includes:

  • Helping a sales team forecast and funnel manage their opportunities with greater accuracy and confidence - which in turn will help an entire business more effectively plan projects and resourcing.
  • Coaching an Account Manager to help develop their resilience and restore their equilibrium.
  • Supporting a product-led sales team as they transition to a consultative-led approach. Developing  mind-set, tools and techniques that enable them to work within a more ambiguous environment, whilst making the most of the invaluable expertise and knowledge they already possess.


Mimi Parent

True2 developed a good manager into an exceptional people person with all round communication skills.


It is really hard to describe what Lynne does. Lynne would say she just asks questions - I would say she performs magic.

Director of Campus Services, Royal Holloway University

Why has it been successful? - Lynne is undoubtedly a skilled trainer who knows her profession, but there are many others who do as well - what makes her different is her ability to rapidly build relationships, her willingness to think outside of the box and the fact she is also a very insightful individual who challenges the status quo and will not let those that she is working with 'off the hook'. In my view the success of any training and leadership development is not the material, this is a given, it is the individual that delivers it, and this is the success story.

Jonathan Coles. HR Director, Philips

Lynne's ability to tailor learning to both the business objectives and the audience has ensured that our people leave with new frameworks, skills and a wider breadth of thinking; all of which can be applied immediately and have instant impact on our business.

Rob Turner, Managing Director, Kinetic Solutions

I thought the session was really engaging - loved that it wasn't death-by-PowerPoint, and really enjoyed the interactive aspects. Really interesting topics covered that made me think so differently about the way I converse with customers; including aspects that I wasn't expecting from the session, but that actually made me think much more.

Fuji Film Service and Support Team Member