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True2 Untangled

Our approach

We partner with businesses to help them maximise and sustain existing growth and to untangle complexity to realise their potential.

Who we are

True2 Untangled was founded by Lynne Kennedy in 2004 after a 15 year career in the consumer goods and retail sectors in roles that included: leading a 3rd party 700 strong merchandising team for Mars Confectionery, managing a corporate change programme within Boots the Chemist and leading anti-counterfeit operations in China for large brands including Hewlett Packard and P&G.

She and her partner Martin Knowles are passionate about helping businesses and people thrive. They work across the UK and Europe and more locally in and around Buckinghamshire, which is home to them both.

Martin has over 25 years of corporate expertise holding Sales, Marketing and Commercial Director positions for 7 different businesses including Britvic, Pepsico, Reckitt Benckiser, GlaxoSmithKline and Novartis. He is passionate about customers and consumers, and helps businesses maximise value from their key customer relationships.

Both Lynne and Martin also understand the challenges (and pain) of being accountable for the bottom line and P&L.

What we do

From our True2 Untangled toolbox we use exactly what's needed. Be that coaching, organisational design, change management, behavioural change, process re-engineering, sales training, storytelling, action learning and more. But techniques alone cannot accomplish lasting improvement.

Clients tell us what they love is our commitment, the time we take getting to know them - visiting, observing, asking, listening, rummaging, chivvying. We can often tell what's amiss from a chat on the way to a team meeting or time in the field with a sales person and come up a quick fix pending the complete untangle. Then we'll hang in there until every thread is in place.

Nothing comes off the shelf. It's all bespoke and thoughtfully designed.

What clients also value (but don't always enjoy) is our disarming honesty. We'll knock hard when needed. If there's an elephant in the room or the king has no clothes on, we'll jump up and down and point even if everyone else has learned just to look away.

How we deliver

Everything we do is participative and focused upon behaviour and success. We are proud to be PowerPoint-free. Instead we use use giant posters, props, cartoons and heaps of guided practice to involve people in the thinking and doing.

They consistently report enjoying our approach (a pleasure we share) and appreciate our willingness to flex it if circumstances change. We work really hard to ensure what we've imparted becomes implanted, leaving you with the know-how and confidence to thrive without us.

We are known for taking ourselves lightly and your business seriously. And... we travel everywhere with Haribo in our pockets as they appear to make the world go round. Our blend of experience and expertise is exceptional, and it's this True2 Untangled touch that makes us unique.

And uniquely effective.


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Mimi Parent

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True2 developed a good manager into an exceptional people person with all round communication skills.


It is really hard to describe what Lynne does. Lynne would say she just asks questions - I would say she performs magic.

Director of Campus Services, Royal Holloway University

Why has it been successful? - Lynne is undoubtedly a skilled trainer who knows her profession, but there are many others who do as well - what makes her different is her ability to rapidly build relationships, her willingness to think outside of the box and the fact she is also a very insightful individual who challenges the status quo and will not let those that she is working with 'off the hook'. In my view the success of any training and leadership development is not the material, this is a given, it is the individual that delivers it, and this is the success story.

Jonathan Coles. HR Director, Philips

Lynne's ability to tailor learning to both the business objectives and the audience has ensured that our people leave with new frameworks, skills and a wider breadth of thinking; all of which can be applied immediately and have instant impact on our business.

Rob Turner, Managing Director, Kinetic Solutions

I thought the session was really engaging - loved that it wasn't death-by-PowerPoint, and really enjoyed the interactive aspects. Really interesting topics covered that made me think so differently about the way I converse with customers; including aspects that I wasn't expecting from the session, but that actually made me think much more.

Fuji Film Service and Support Team Member